Summer School

Registration Fee Waiver

Registration fee waivers are available to facilitate participation at the Palabos Summer School by qualified participants with financial hardships that may limit their ability to attend. Generally, fee-waivers will be awarded to persons from financially disadvantaged countries.
Fee waivers can be granted on ground of the following rules:

  • A maximum of 2 waivers may be granted for each Palabos Summer School.
  • The financial support extends to the full registration fee but does not cover travel or hotel costs.
  • The criteria for selection include scientific relevance (applicants with prior experience with Palabos and/or LBM numerical simulation will be preferred) and demonstrated financial need.
  • An application for fee waiver with written motivation must be sent to palabos.unige(at) before the deadline specified on the page of the event.
  • The waivers are decided by the whole organizing committee on ground of the criteria described above and any other relevant considerations. The decision will be communicated by email to all applicants (successful and unsuccessful).
  • Please do not pay any registration fee if you intend to apply for a fee waiver. In this case, your application email will serve as registration.